Swimming Pool Repair Service

Is your pool pump noisy? Filter Leaking? Heater not working? Do you have plumbing leaks? If you answer yes to any of these questions it is time to call the swimming pool professionals at Watercrest Pools.

Pump Replacement:

Your pump is the most important piece of equipment on your pool. During the summer, if the pump is not working properly your pool can turn green in a matter of hours. If the pump does not work in the winter your plumbing pipes can freeze causing major damage. If your pump is making a funny noise or it works intermitently if is time to schedule a repair.

Light Replacement:

Repair that burned out light and make your pool a focal point at night. Watercrest can repair your old lights or replace them with Hayward's Color Logic LED Light system. Create dazzling lighting shows in your backyard oasis.

Heater Repairs:

Let Watercrest extend your swim season by repairing your old heater or replacing your existing heater with newer, energy efficient technology.

Pool Cleaner Repairs / Replacement:

Tired of having a pool cleaner that does not work? Schedule a service call with Watercrest Pools to evaluate your cleaner to see if it is in need of repair or replacement.

Salt Chlorinator Installations:

Get rid of red eyes caused by traditional chlorine pools and upgrade to a salt chlorination system. Any pool can be retrofitted to accomodate a salt chlorinator and the conversion takes just a few hours to complete. No Chlorine smell, better swimming environment, low operating costs and it is virtually maintenance free. If you wait you are loosing $$$

Automation Upgrades:

Have total control over your entire pool by installing an automation system. Wireless remote systems can be easily added to any pool to allow you to operate the pool, spa, lights and waterfeatures from inside your home.

Plumbing Repairs:

DRIP, DRIP, DRIP...... Does this describe your pool plumbing? If so, it is time to fix those pesky leaks by calling Watercrest Pools. At Watercrest, we are capable of repairing the smallest drip or re-plumbing your entire system.

Leak Detection:

If you think your pool is leaking DO NOT WAIT TO TAKE ACTION. Call Watercrest to perform a pressure test and die test on your entire pool. One of our certified technicians will test your entire plumbing system and perform a die test on all fittings in the pool and spa.

Call our office today for details.

Need Pool Maintenance Work?

There are a number of swimming pool maintenance type of work that can be completed to your pool, ranging from basic plans to scheduled maintenance plans. If it is swimming pool maintenance you are looking, check out the pool maintenance page.

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