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If you can imagine it, we can design it for you.


Our project consultants listen closely to the client’s wishes and what they want to achieve in regards to functionality and design. We want to understand the customer’s lifestyle, needs and what special features they might want. Do they have children or grandchildren? Do they like to entertain?   What is the budget for this project?  Based on their feedback, we provide a detailed design to fit their lifestyle.

dog green meandering.jpg
Meandering 5th Rough 3D 5.11.20_015.jpg
MG Luxury - Meandering Construction Plan 8.31.2020.jpg


We bring the customer’s ideas to life in a 3D conceptual design and present material options to complement the swimming pool and the client's home.  Our project consultant, while working with home builders, designers, and architects on the project, will convey the vision of our customer to the design team that will bring the 3D design to life. The technical 2D design is then created in order to precisely construct the pool as designed. 



Our team executes projects to make the client’s dream become a reality. Detailed craftsmen are selected by the project consultant specifically for each project based on the construction needs.  To ensure the project keeps on schedule, materials and equipment are ordered in advance.  These high quality elegant materials provide a foundation for a swimming pool to enjoy for years to come.

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Listen, Coordinate, Execute

3D Virtual Tours

Our custom outdoor living designs are not limited to the customers in our immediate area. We provide scaled 2D and 3D personalized creations for clients across North America!


What's included?

-Scaled 3D renderings of your custom outdoor living space in your own backyard

-Properly formatted 2D construction plans for legal purposes such as permitting

-3D video tours to have the most realistic experience possible before construction

-All origin files for you to pass on to your pool and landscape contractors




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